• Mini Desserts 

    Our mini desserts are made to delight both your eyes and your taste. We normally recommend 2-3 mini desserts per person. The financiers, feuilletines, tart bars and truffles are at 20,50€ /kg which includes about 40 pieces of them. Macarons are at 0,80€ each and come with 4 different fillings: chocolate, framboise, lemon and vanilla. Cute marzipan petits fours can be found in a large variety, topped with seasonal designs or designs ideal for baptism and wedding events at 33€ /Kg which includes about 50 pieces of them. For large quantities, we would appreciate your notice 3-4 days in advance.

  • Marzipan petits fours

  • Chocolate and lemon financiers

  • Feuilletines
    Crumbled waffle bars mixed with hazelnut praline and chocolate

  • Chocolate truffles with walnuts covered with white, milk and dark chocolate curls

  • Chocolate truffles with walnuts covered with dark chocolate shavings

  • Macarons with chocolate

  • Macarons with lemon

  •  Framboise Macarons 

  • Tart Bars

  • Feuilletines
    Crumbled waffle bars mixed with white chocolate and finely chopped raisins flavored with dark rum

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